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Model Burrough

The basic model of two segments is 6 meters wide and 5 meters deep with a ridge height of 3.90 meters and has three completely closed sides. The only difference compared to the Auckland model is the ridge height. Various modifications and additions are also possible for this model, such as:

    the number of segments
    the width of each separate segment
    the depth of the model
    the dimensions of the oak columns
    the ridge height
    the shape of the roof (addition of a half-hipped or hipped roof)
    the number of walls
    additional windows and doors
    an extra area for wood storage

In short: a practical model with a natural appearance due to the materials that are used and the asymmetrical roofline and a model that can be made suitable for many purposes with a few modifications and additions. You can customise this model in accordance with your personal wishes.

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