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Cleft Chestnut Fencing
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Cleft Chestnut Fencing

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Product information

The half chestnut posts are sawn from a pole with a diameter of 18-22 cm and have a length of 2 m.
The chestnut beams are a quarter cleaved from a diameter 18-22 cm and are 2.90m or 2m long, and the bark is still attached and there will be after some time automatically fall of. 
Rail length 2.90m gives a distance between the posts of 2.75m.
Rail length 2m gives a distance between the posts of 1.85m.

Chestnut wood fences do service for centuries in England and find also in many other countries more and more application. The chapped uprights and crossbeams fit through milled holes in each other. The tough structure of the chestnut wood offers a good protection against all weather conditions. The chestnut wood is maintenance-free. This wooden terrain separation gives by its natural look a decorative image in the landscape.

Post and Rail has a very tough and natural appearance. There is no screw or nail to pass, the way this fence works, is already firmly enough. We offer you this fence in a system with 2 beams but also with 3 beams. 

The amount of material you get depends on the number of meters you order.
For example: you order 79 meters with distance between posts 2.75m,  then it is automatically rounded up to a multiple of 2.75m and will we supply you for 79.75m
-> 29 posts  and 58 rails with length 2.90m
Or for another example: you order 50 meters with distance between posts 1.85m,  then it is automatically rounded up to a multiple of 1.85m and will we supply you for 51.8m
-> 28 posts  and 56 rails from length 2m.

If you need more posts and/or boards, in addition to the completed number of meters, you can use the option to add it to your order. 

Because the rails stick through the posts the space between the posts is about 2.75m or 1.85m. To calculate the required amount of material this is important to know.

This product can be ordered in
  • Netherlands
  • Germany
  • Belgium

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