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The following applies to all web pages within this website. By using the website you agree to this disclaimer.


The information provided by this website is derived from sources that can be regarded as reliable, but the correctness and completeness thereof cannot be guaranteed. The main purpose of the information is therefore to provide an impression of the services provided by the websites registered with us. The team behind this website can change information at any time and without prior notice if this proves necessary.


You are of course responsible for what information you view and use. The information on our site may only be used by yourself and may not be transferred, reproduced, edited or otherwise distributed. Subject to this disclaimer, the publisher is not responsible for third-party files that are known to be linked to the web page. Linking does not constitute an endorsement of those files.

There is no freedom of copying with regard to the content of this website; all copyrights, including those referred to in art.15 of the Copyright Act, are reserved. Dutch law applies.

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