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Gate Guide - All you need to know about estate gates

You are keen to find out what the options are for estate gates and are possibly considering a new or first purchase of an estate gate. If you enter the search term "buy estate gate" or "estate gate" in Google, you will find many search results. In order to create a good starting point for you, this gate guide provides all the information you need to make the right choice when purchasing your estate gate.

At Lands End, we have a wide range of estate gates, made in solid wood dimensions and fitted with traditional mortise and tenon joints. The frame thickness of all gates, for example, is a very robust 7 cm! This thickness and the traditional wood joints determine the quality, the appearance and the rigidity of the gate. And, of course, this also determines the price. After all, thicker wood is more expensive than thinner wood. This is important to consider when comparing with other suppliers. Lands End does not save on wood sizes to be able to offer a better price, we offer a good price for great wood thickness and beautiful wood joints!

In addition, we offer you a choice between friendly priced woods such as Douglas fir, but also in hardwood we offer you a wide model selection at a very interesting price. 

In terms of gate models, you can choose between a completely closed gate or a design that gives some view to what lies behind it. Do you want a gate that rises high and thus provides your premises with optimal privacy or do you want to maintain the openness from your estate? These are some of the questions you need to answer to before you buy an estate gate. We accompany you step by step in this selection process. 

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The function of an estate gate

An estate gate is basically a fence for your premises. An estate gate or driveway gate can serve various purposes. So this is a first question/step to consider. Do you choose an estate gate or driveway gate because you want a clear demarcation of your estate or do you want to prevent people from looking in and be able to enjoy your garden in complete privacy? The answer to this question ultimately determines what type of gate you end up with. 

As you can see, below you can see a difference in estate gates and therefore a difference in your privacy. The Baron Gate clearly fences off your estate, but still offers a lot of openness. The Countess Gate is a massive gate, which goes up in height and thus creates, in addition to a clear enclosure, a lot of privacy, while also closing off your estate from the surroundings. Combination gates are also available, an example of which is our Markies gate. It offers partial privacy but the space between the top bars also allows a certain amount of openness and space. So consider carefully what your estate gate should achieve, just an enclosure while maintaining openness/visibility or do you especially want to create privacy with your estate gate.

erf poort hardhout poort jonkvrouw hardhout toegangspoort erfpoort hardhout markies poortdeur

What style suits your home and surroundings?

The next question to consider is, in what style do you want your estate gate or driveway gate? If you prefer simplicity, then look at our Baroness Gate. If you prefer an elegant or graceful look, then look at our Jonkvrouw gates of Douglas fir or hardwood (read more about the different types of wood here). If you are more into a robust or rugged look, the Beethoven Gate or Bach Gate would be good options. You will see that the function of your gate is very much related to its appearance and style. Thus, the graceful and gracious estate gates or gates for your driveway have a bit more openness and the robust, closed gates offer a bit more privacy. 

A single gate or a double gate?

Another consideration you can make is whether you want to buy a single gate or a nice big (double) gate. This choice partly depends on the look you want. A double gate is generally a luxury or large gate. It often has a graceful and elegant appearance. An example is our Baron or Baroness Gate. A single gate is somewhat simpler and often looks more massive. Our Bach Gate, Marquis and Chopin Gates are examples of this. 

Double gates are often used when the barrier covers a larger area, for example, for car access. In that case, you will need a large gate. It is important that you take the approach method into account when choosing the width. If you drive straight into the driveway, a car gate of 3m or 3.50m is sufficient. For a situation where you can only enter at an angle, a wider gate is required. Often, the more luxurious estate gates are the first choice for entrance gates to a car driveway, but in a rural setting, an English gate can also be very beautiful. So think about how big the fence should be and whether you want a single or double gate. You can also choose an automated gate. All offered estate gates are suitable for automation.

Do you choose hardwood or Douglas fir?

Both hardwood and Douglas fir gates are available. Both gates are durable and of good quality. However, there is a difference which may play a role in your decision. 

  • Douglas gate 
This type of wood is an ideal basis for a garden gate or for a double gate, for example. Douglas wood originates from western North America and is a spruce species. This type of wood contains a lot of heartwood, which gives fungi less chance to rot the wood. When you buy a Douglas fir gate, you choose a wood type in durability class 3-4. The corresponding service life is 10 years on average*. Furthermore, this type of wood has a warm appearance due to its light yellow-red (orange) colour. Under the influence of weather conditions, the wood will discolour into orange-brown over the years. Douglas fir can also be used when you want to create a robust look with your estate gate or driveway gate, as cracks and fissures develop over the years. 

Do you want to know everything about Douglas fir? Read more about it on our Douglas fir page.

* The service life of softwood timber in general, including Douglas fir, can be partially influenced by maintenance. Please note that Douglas fir is a softwood and therefore requires regular maintenance in the form of varnish, stain or oil in addition to the usual annual cleaning. All this applies to Douglas fir in use above ground, as in the case of estate gates. For use in the ground, additional protection of the ground part of the Douglas wood is an absolute requirement in order to achieve an average lifespan of around 7 to 10 years for the Douglas wood placed in the ground. So take into account that your Douglas gate will last longer than the Douglas gate post. This is the reason why Lands End offers different types of wood for the gate posts belonging to the Douglas fir gates. If required, e.g. because you would like to have the same type of wood for the gate post, we can also offer you Douglas fir gate posts, but we strongly recommend that you apply extra protection for the ground section.

Featured Models

douglas erfpoort jonkies markies erfpoort douglas hout douglas hout erfpoort twee poorten douglas houten poort op erf

For large areas, a Douglas double gate is a wonderful solution. However, due to the working of Douglas wood, we only offer the Douglas gates in a width of up to 3.50m, depending on the model. A Douglas double gate has the best of everything: it looks simple but exudes warmth and is also robust. Our Baron Gate is such an example. A nice price with a nice finish. Our most requested model is the Baroness, a beautiful double gate of Douglas wood with which, from the moment people enter your driveway, you give a good impression. View our full range of Douglas gates.

Douglas fir gates

    • Iroko hardwood
Our gates made of super-heated Iroko hardwood are slightly darker in colour than the Douglas fir gates. Iroko is a strong, highly durable wood species that does not change much. This wood species falls into the durability class 1-2 and will last 15-25+ years. Due to the limited modification of Iroko, it is suitable for many purposes, both indoors and outdoors. For example, for frames, windows, doors, facade panelling, interior panelling, stairs, steps, furniture and also gates. In order to reduce the slight modification to zero, Lands End uses super-heated Iroko hardwood.

Iroko hardwood

Impregnation is not necessary, Iroko can therefore be used untreated and is maintenance-free**. This makes Iroko hardwood a low-maintenance and durable product. 
You will see that the difference between Douglas fir and hardwood is mainly in the price. Hardwood is more durable than Douglas fir and will therefore be priced higher. This is also the next question to consider. 

** The Iroko hardwood will age in time through exposure to sunlight. If you want to avoid this and thus preserve the original wood colour, you can treat the gate with a UV-resistant oil or varnish. For the longest enjoyment of the Iroko gate, we recommend that you clean the gate regularly and get rid of green deposits. In a tree-planted area, this may be an annual job, but you will see for yourself whether it is necessary or not. This is important not only for the durability but also for the beauty of the gate. A green-stained gate is not the most attractive entrance to your home. All gate models within our range of gates can be made from Iroko hardwood.

What do you want to invest?

As with all products, when buying estate gates your budget is an important factor. You can buy a beautiful pedestrian gate for access of people to your premises for as little as €515 - the Baroness Gate is an example. The various price categories are ultimately defined by the type of material and the size you choose. The price within our range is therefore determined by:

  1. The type of wood you choose. Douglas fir is generally cheaper wood than hardwood and is therefore cheaper for our various models. 
  2. The dimensions of your enclosure also largely determine its cost. Are you looking for a luxury gate, a large gate or a double gate? Then you are in the higher price range. 

Do you compare our prices with other providers? Then you should know that it is important to pay attention to the wood dimensions, i.e. the thickness of the wood frame. A thicker wood size not only looks more robust and sturdy, but is also more durable and provides a quality gate that will not warp. 

erfpoort hout handmatig opening houten erfpoort raster

Important:  Do you already have posts or masonry bases between which the gate should fit? Or does your driveway have a very specific width? That’s no problem at all. Every gate can be made to an exact size in both width and height. However, with maximum dimensions, as we like to guarantee that the gate remains straight. With Lands End, you also choose for customisation, if this is necessary in your situation. Our customer service is at your disposal if you need advice or help with ordering. 

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Are you going to automate the gate?

For all gate models within our range of gates there is the possibility to automate. Bear in mind that it is especially important for an automated gate that it is a solid gate of robust wood dimensions and solid wood joints. The motors literally 'pull' your gate every day when opening and closing it. These forces can quickly cause problems such as warping and loosening of joints with a door of poor quality. 

Do you opt for complete delivery and assembly?

You can of course choose to install your yard gate yourself. Please note that gates are often delivered without posts or locks. You will therefore need to order them additionally. The choice for delivery and installation or to install it yourself often also depends on the available budget. So this is something to think about. Having it delivered or collecting it yourself also plays a role. Of course, these are often larger packages, so delivery may be the easiest option. 

Advantages of your estate gate via Lands End

Lands End is a total supplier with an online shop. Being a total supplier enables us to take care of the complete delivery and, if necessary, the assembly. As you have read, most gates are delivered without posts and locks. At Lands End, you can easily order this extra via the site. If you would also like to receive an assembly offer for the gate and/or the automation, please send us an email or state this in the comments section of your online order.

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In conclusion: an environmental permit?

This is probably not the first thing you think about or want to think about when you are looking for a new estate gate. Nevertheless, before you start the fun research, it is wise to check whether you can install your estate gate without a permit. An estate gate is a structure and may require a permit. There are many cases where you can install your fence without a permit, but read the conditions first to be sure. It would be a shame if you were fined. 

It is often the case that you can place an estate gate on your own premises or plot without a permit, if it is lower than 1 metre. Partitions that are higher than 1 metre but not more than 2 metres can usually still be erected without permits. The design can sometimes also be important: a more open or a partially or completely closed gate can either or not be appreciated by the municipality. There are some conditions for this:

  • You are building on an estate or plot which already contains a building.
  • The enclosure is behind the front façade line.
  • The enclosure is more than 1 metre away from the road or public greenery. This condition does not apply if the location where you live is not subject to any requirements with regard to external appearance. 

In order to be properly and correctly informed, we recommend that you always contact your municipality. So you know exactly which rules apply and which permits are required.

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