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Split rail fence with 3 rails

Are you looking for a durable and safe split rail fence? With the 3-rail system, your fence is sure to remain stable. It also provides additional security for your animals, and is also very suitable for smaller horses or ponies or foals. And not to forget: a fence with 3 rails just looks good. Our 3-rail split rail fences have a rural character and offer extra security for your animals, due to the 3 rails. Our split rail fences are all made of durable quality wood. You are therefore guaranteed years of enjoyment from your Lands End rural fence. Keen to find out what the possibilities are? Discover our range of products!


Also of great importance is the length of the post, we offer a standard long post length of for example 2.20m for the Economy and Solid fence types and 2.25m for the Queen fence. This allows you to position the upper rail of the fence up to 1.40m. The sturdiness of a fence is largely determined by the length of the posts in the ground. If you position the upper rail at 1.20m, 1.30m or 1.40m, the ground section is 90cm, 80cm or 70cm respectively.

What is a split rail fence?

If you are looking to keep your horses inside the field, it is important to find a suitable fence. When purchasing a new enclosure, you can choose between a large number of different fences. In a split rail fence, the horizontal rails are mounted through the post. This locks the rail into the post. Compared to a screw-on fence, the split rail fence has the major advantage that the fence is safe on both sides, because the rail cannot be pushed off the post. And it is also simply beautiful. Lands End also allows you to decide how many rails your fence will have. If you prefer the sturdiest fence, a 3-rail system is the most suitable. It means 3 horizontal boards are mounted through the posts, which provides the most sturdiness. Since the post holds the rails in place, this fence requires hardly any fixing material when being installed.

Wood equine fence

The 3-rail split rail fence is a popular product. Due to the 3-rail system, the fence is very solid and very suitable for securing a piece of land. Because the Lands End fence is made only of quality impregnated pine or hardwood, it is suitable for use in all weathers and can be safely placed near animals. It is therefore often purchased by horse lovers. Here you can use the wooden fence for various purposes, such as a horse arena, field or paddock. The classic, natural look of the wood also makes for a beautiful appearance of your land. An ideal combination to fence your area. But more and more often, split rail fences are also placed in residential areas. 

Types of fencing

The split rail fence is available at Lands End in various models. Each fence has its own characteristics and appearance. You have a choice between impregnated pine or hardwood. Moreover, you can choose between different shapes, square and round. With a range of different sizes, you can put together your own fence to suit your needs. The fencing is easy to install yourself. Would you like to rely on expert installation? Then the team from Lands End is ready to install your wooden fence. Please contact us for the available options!

Find your 3-rail split rail fence

A 3-rail split rail fence is the best fencing for horses and offers the security you want. Are you convinced of the advantages of this fence? Discover Lands End's range and order your wooden fence today!

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