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Buy Post & Rail fence online

Are you looking for a suitable Post and Rail fence? Lands End offers various types and sizes. Post and Rail is a very durable and robust fencing which is constructed from sturdy posts (post) between which 2 or 3 beams (rail) are fixed by means of a pin-hole connection.

Robust dimensions fencing from Lands End

A Post and Rail fence has been in service in England for centuries and is also increasingly used in our country. The split posts and beams are put together by means of milled holes. The tough structure of the chestnut wood offers good protection against all weather influences and is therefore maintenance free. Due to its natural appearance, this wooden boundary gives a decorative image in the landscape and is therefore a perfect choice when a rural and authentic look is required.

Post and Rail made of cleaved chestnut wood is a true classic in the landsend-nl.com range: robust and at one with nature.

Different types

A mail and rail fence from Lands End is available in two versions, namely 2 beams or 3 beams. These beams, like the fencing, are of very high quality and maintenance-free.

Want to buy Post & Rail online?

At Lands End you will find Post & Rail fencing of very high quality at a competitive price. All available sizes and types can be found in our webshop. If you buy a fence online at Lands End, you are assured of a beautiful result that you will enjoy for a long time!

Ordering online through the webshop

In the Lands End webshop you will find our assortment of Post and Rails from which you can make a choice. You can also come to us for other fences such as a sheep fence, garden gates, chestnut posts and much more.

For more information or advice you can always contact us using the contact form below.

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