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Powertape  200m/40mm braun
Powertape 200m/40mm braun
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Powertape 200m/40mm braun

Powertape  200m/40mm braun View full size
Powertape  200m/40mm braun of Lands End
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Product information

If you choose powertape fencing, then a broad tape is best suited for horses, so that they can see the fence well.
Highly visible and superconducting by up to 18 thick stainless steel conductors 0.30 mm. The tape is therefore also much stronger and more durable! Including thick reinforcing edges.
PEL is thee only manufacturer that makes high quality tape to 6 cm! Despite the special weave and the open structure of the PEL Power Tape it captures more wind than for instance string. As a result, you will need between posts up to 4 metres maximum and at least 1/3 of the post-length in the ground. To keep the tape well drawn tight we advise to use a power corner insulator with rubber on every 5th post. 

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