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Robinia Posts: Natural and Durable

Robinia posts are beautiful, durable posts, ideal as a base for a sheep fence, chestnut wooden fencing, and as garden dividers. Robinia (also known as acacia) fall into durability classes 1 to 2, which indicates a lifespan of about 20 to 25 years. Robinia posts have a rustic and natural appearance and fit perfectly into any garden.

Whether you're looking for a strong garden post, pasture post, or fence post, the Robinia post from Lands End offers a natural and durable solution for your project.

Buying Robinia Posts

Purchasing Robinia posts is very easy via our webshop. We deliver high-quality posts that can be used in any project. Our Robinia posts are often used as pasture posts but also as a base for sheep fences. Robinia posts are available in various sizes and diameters. All posts are maintenance-free and can be easily placed in the ground with an auger.

The length of the posts depends on what you will use them for. Robinia posts are available in lengths of:

Whether you're looking for a 160 cm post for a small fence or a longer 300 cm post for a more extensive construction, we have the right dimensions for your needs. The available diameters of 8/10 and 10/12 also provide flexibility in choosing the right strength for your application. Our Robinia posts are carefully selected and made from durable Robinia wood. They offer not only the required strength but also the unique appearance of Robinia wood with its natural greying and characteristic grain pattern.

Peeled Robinia Post

Our Robinia posts are all round and peeled. This means the bark has been removed from the outside of the post, making the beautiful natural wood clearly visible. Occasionally, there may still be some bark in places.

A peeled Robinia post is durable and very strong. Besides being peeled, they are also equipped with a good point, making it easier to get the posts into the ground.

Placing a Robinia Post in the Garden

Robinia posts are perfect for use in your garden or front yard. Our posts are used as stylish dividers in the front yard, so not everyone can directly see into your home. A row of Robinia posts in the front yard also keeps, for example, your trash cans neatly out of sight. Our sturdy Robinia posts are also resistant to impact and can be well combined with, for example, tall grasses and ferns.

In the backyard, our Robinia posts are often used as part of a sheep fence, but even without the sheep fence, these posts provide a durable and natural way to separate your garden.

Do you want to place your Robinia posts and chestnut fencing yourself in your garden? In our webshop, we have everything you need to set up your divider. From high-quality mounting materials to gates and staples for the attachment. This way, you can easily and successfully place your Robinia posts and enjoy a beautiful and solid fencing of your outdoor space.

When placing a row of Robinia posts in the garden, it is wise to bury ? of the post in the ground. This ensures the post stands firm and does not wobble.

Do you have questions about the number of posts you need? Our fencing specialists are ready to help you further. You can reach us via WhatsApp, email, and phone.

Robinia Post Price

The price of the Robinia post depends on the length and thickness of the post you need. You can pick up the Robinia posts in 't Harde or have them delivered throughout the Netherlands (except for the Wadden Islands). The delivery costs can be calculated with your order.

Difference Between Chestnut Post and Robinia Post

Chestnut posts come from the sweet chestnut tree (Castanea sativa), while Robinia posts come from the black locust tree (Robinia pseudoacacia). Although both trees produce hardwood, they have different properties and grow in different regions. Additionally, both wood types have a natural appearance, but they have different color and grain patterns. Chestnut wood typically has a warm, light brown color and a striking, coarse grain. Robinia wood can vary from light brown to dark brown and has a finer grain pattern.

Please note: the bark of Robinia posts can be dangerous for horses!

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