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Sheep fence from Lands End
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Sheep fence from Lands End

Are you looking for a suitable fence for a yard, meadow or garden? Lands End offers you various suitable sheep gates! You can choose from different types and models. Thanks to the smart design, the sheep fences are easy to install in all kinds of landscapes, both flat and sloping. With Lands End you are assured of a high-quality and competitively priced sheep fence that will be a real asset to your yard, garden or pasture. In addition to a chestnut wooden sheep fence, are you also looking for a beautiful sheep fence gate? View our entire range and order easily online.

Why choose a sheep fence made of chestnut wood?

Sheep fence chestnut wood is also called sheep fencing, sheep fencing, grid fencing, wooden fence, chestnut fencing or wooden fencing. Chestnut wood is a sustainable type of wood and also requires no maintenance. This is because tannic acid is naturally present in this type of wood, which protects the wood against moisture and other weather influences. It is untreated and the wood will age naturally over time. In addition to the popular French sheep fence, you will also find English sheep fence.

In addition to the many advantages of the material the sheep fence is made of, installing the sheep fence is also very easy. You do not have to pay attention to the front or back of the fence, because a sheep fence does not have this. On the other hand, a sheep fence does have a top and bottom. The dots should point upwards. The installation starts with the partial rolling out of the sheep fence. You then need to mount the first batten on the corner post by attaching a screw under each iron wire. You can then pull out and tension the fencing properly at each subsequent post, after which you can fix it with screws. We recommend that you use stainless steel screws with a drill point. You can also order these online at Lands End.

Buy a sheep fence at Lands End

Lands End supplies your chestnut fencing or sheep fence at a very competitive price and also with a high quality. You will find the most common sizes in the webshop. In our range you will find eight heights, which vary from 50 cm to 175 cm. These fences are also available in four different slat spacings, namely 4, 5, 6 and 8 cm. The slat spacing is the distance between the slats of the fence. This distance is measured from the first winding of the wire to the last winding. Please note that the slat spacing for a chestnut sheep fence is not always exactly the same, as the slats are naturally formed. The available heights and batten distances depend on the type of chestnut wood fencing you choose. Do you prefer a small sheep gate? You will of course also find this at Lands End. At Lands End you are in any case assured of a good result of high quality at a fair price!

The sheep fence: endless possibilities

Because a sheep fence, also known as English fencing or French fencing, is made in different shapes and sizes, it can easily be used in different situations. As a result, you can do much more than just keep sheep with a sheep fence. You can also use our sheep fence to keep your chickens, dog or other animals within your yard. You can also use the sheep fencing as a fence for the pond in your garden. This is not only a sustainable and child-friendly way to separate the pond, but it also looks beautiful! By placing a sheep fence you keep an overview in the garden and your (grand) children can play without danger. In short, a chestnut wooden sheep fence is a versatile and beautiful product!

Finish it off with a matching sheep fence gate

In addition to our chestnut wood sheep fence, you will also find various sheep fence gates in our range. All matching chestnut yard gates and cottage gates are made for you in a traditional way. Feel free to contact us for all the possibilities or view our photo album for more inspiration, for example of a beautiful garden gate.

Simply order online via our webshop

In the webshop you will find various types of sheep fences and sheep gates from which you can make a choice. You can also come here for various other wood solutions, such as wooden gates, fences, chestnut posts, hinges and locks, gate automation and much more.

No English or French sheep fence, but rather a different wooden fence? When it comes to pasture or yard fencing, Lands End is the place to be. We are happy to help you. Customization? That is also an option! Inquire about the possibilities via our contact form.

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