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Unigizer 230V / 12V
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Unigizer 230V / 12V

Pel 402
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Product information

For many years and to the satisfaction of our customers we supply energizers from Pel. The most common electric fence device is the Pel 401. These beneficial little powerful energizer has a very extensive range of properties. The Pel 402 can both be connected to the mains as a battery. The LED Bar tells you the quality of the fence and the condition of the battery. An automatic day/night mode can be switched, when it gets dark, from fast to slow puls apeed or vice versa. This saves the energy consumption significantly! Suitable for short fences.
The Pel 402 is the stronger brother of the Pel 401. In addition to the properties of the Pel 401, the Pel 402 can provide sufficent tension tot longer distances or tp distances that heavier loads, such as movable fences. Will you extend your permanent fence in the future? Then choose the Pel 402. 

The Pel 402 is also equipped with a built-in lightning protection and battery-security software, a safe feeling!

The maximum grid length is measured by 2.5 mm Zalcote High Tensile wire. When you use ribbon, cord or synthetic wire as a conduction you need to divide the maximum grid length at least by 3, depending on how much and how thick the stainless steel conductors are. This is because the stainless steel conductors in the ribbon, cord and synthetic wire is less conducting than the aluminized Zalcote thread. In addition, the degree of vegetation also is a determining factor for the maximum grid length. Namely:
Pel 401: 6 km without vegetation, 3 km with light vegetation, 0 km in heavy vegetation
Pel 402: 9 km without vegetation, 4 km with light vegetation, 1 km in heavy vegetation
Pel 403: 13 km without vegetation, 6 km at light vegetation, 2 km in heavy vegetation

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