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English gate

Quality, finishing and the used of durable assembly materials are the distinctive features of our English gates. Are English gates are only available in impregnated pine and in hardwood that is free of maintenance and durable.

    The frame has a wood thickness of 7 cm: the stronger the frame, the less chance that it will warp and the longer that you will be able to enjoy your gate. The thickness of the latticework is 2.5 cm.
    Constructed with a traditional wooden peg and hole joint: instead of the often used ‘cold’ wood joints, these joints result in a sturdy construction.
    Stainless steel bolts instead of the often-used galvanised bolts: no rusting!
    Heavy and adjustable English hinges and locks: the ground ‘moves’ during the seasons, causing the gate columns to 'move' as well, this difference in height then results in a gate that does not close properly. This is easily solved with the adjustable hinges and thus a lasting inconvenience can be avoided.
    Sunk screws, finished invisibly with a wooden plug: attractive and safe!
    Just plain beautiful: a tapering upper beam.


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