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Ditec Power 35
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Product information

Ditec PWR is the new range of electromechanical operating devices for swing gates in residential, condominium and industrial applications. They are designed and developed to ensure quality and strength, while making installation and maintenance easy.

 The Ditec Power 35 is suitable for Gates up to 2.5 m and the kit consists of:
* 2 motors
* 1 control cabinet with frequency print
* 2 hand transmitters
* 2 brackets (prefab)
* 1 set of photocells

Important features:
​- automation system includes asymmetric mechanical opening and closing stops, for precise stop adjustment
* one-handed installation: the hexagonal impression avoid the usage of a second tool and makes it easier to attach the actuator to the column
* pre-drilled plates for fast installation, with robust bushings for optimum distribution of forces along the front connection pin
* set-up for remote manual release, useful when the automation  system cannot be reached during an emergency (e.g. Automation system on single full wing, stuck open against the wall)
* ideal solution for applications which require fast opening and  closing:14 s/90°
* simply loosen a single screw to remove the plastic cover and access the electrical wire terminals
* key-operated manual release
* actuator consisting of two robust aluminium die castings which guarantee optimum protection against shearing and torsion
* magnetic limit switch provision (only on PWR35H) for more accurate speed adjustment during opening and closing
* removable cover to access the screw without removing the actuator from the wing
* loading valve to inject EP1 universal grease
* notches to adjust magnetic limit switches (optional) during opening and closing and supports for cable stop clamps

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